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Teamworks a specialised company within Wright Consultancy Limited, founded in 1982. We have specialised in providing a full range of services from building high performance teams to organisational change management, including development of 'soft' skills for the modern Leader-Manager regardless of level. Our client list, though mainly focused in Ireland North and South, consists of top international names.
The key competencies of Teamworks rests with:
· Developing organisation change programmes.
· Creating high performance teams, working from the top teams to fully
empowered work teams.
· Providing key skill training programmes, which enhance personnel's ability to motivate and manage people and use effective 'soft' skills.
· Leadership programmes with style profiling analysis and coaching for new and experienced personnel, achieving remarkable practical results.
· Providing a full psychometric testing service, including 16 Personality Factor Profile (16PF), Myers-Briggs, Personal Style and Job Indicators, Belbin Team Profiling and Margerison-McCann Team Management Wheel.
· Measuring the change required in a systematic manner, providing where
appropriate, a full evaluation system using the 'European Foundation for Quality Management' ( EFQM) and organisation scorecard systems.
· Utilising outdoor development programmes for competency development.

"There comes a time when you have to stop revving
up the car and shove it into gear"
- D. Mahony

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